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So What About Love?

February 16, 2009
Valentine’s Day ~ chocolate, flowers, loooooove. But what for those of us abandoned by Cupid this, or every, year? What for those with passions burning, but a restraining order in place? Alone no more, nursing old grudges and broken hearts, Valentine’s Day can have new meaning! Not flowers, but feathers! No intimate dinner for two, but a flash mob armed with pillows and pent up ~and goose down~ emotion, venting wildly, bursting with joy, frivolity, and life-long issues with holidays invented to sell cards, candy, and self-loathing.

photo credits: Aimee L.
(yelp), al bar (flickr)

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  1. ItinerantOceanographer permalink
    February 17, 2009 18:59

    Uh Oh, do I have some serious atonement to do after I left you to sail off to distant lands on Valentine’s Day?

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