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God is Still Big

June 8, 2009
After reading a previous post (Hum Deyli Lai) an observant friend heard something in a film that she thought might be it: “Al hum du’Allah,” an expression of devotion in the Muslim faith. As I considered this new information in context of my new favorite mantra, at first it seemed okay. The God of Islam is the God of Abraham is the God of Judaism is the God of Christianity is my big God. I frequently call Him by many names given to Him by His chosen people in our Old Testament. Same God, one more name. All People of the Book. Islam allows that Jesus was special, a prophet, even of virgin birth by the breath of Allah. But then it struck me. Would I want to be called by a name given me by those who actually call my son a liar (that he was not the son of God ~Mark 14:61-62, John 14:6), diminish the value of his work, and discount his sacrifice (that we can be good enough for God on our own and do not need salvation ~Romans 3:22-25)? No. Now that I know what sounded like “hum deyli lai” means, it cannot be for me. El Shaddai, God Almighty, is my big God and Jesus is His son, my redeemer.
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