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August 18, 2010

What a lark!  Who doesn’t want to think they write like someone famous?  Granted, it’s a simple algorithm based on key features, so it would be easy to compose a sample to get the result one wants and the answers will vary from piece to piece.  But I submitted each of my previous blog posts, being already written and therefore both honest and quick, and in fact did find patterns.  I am 20% David Foster Wallace, 13% Chuck Palahniuk, and 13% Cory Doctorow.  None of whom I have ever read.  I’ve only heard of Wallace for his having committed suicide recently and at a relatively young age.  Since I am now in the U.S., maybe I’ll nip into a library and have a quick browse.  But what if their writing is dull?  What if I cannot stomach it at all?  Would it mean there is some quiet well of self-loathing in my psyche?  Or there should be?

Here are the results from I Write Like for each of my posts.  Feel free to comment or contradict if you are familiar with the authors:

If Home is Where the Heart Is = David Foster Wallace
Reaching Out = Chuck Palahniuk
Doing the French Mistake? = Vladimir Nabokov
Plastick = Chuck Palahniuk
Fig Newmmmmans = Chuck Palahniuk
All in One Day = William Gibson
Kenneth Baker is an Elitist Snob = Cory Doctorow
A Living Experiment… in Living = H.P. Lovecraft
Living Experiment, General Observations = Cory Doctorow
Senior Moments = Chuck Palahniuk
A Chapter Closes = William Gibson
Gap Term (Mid-Life) pt 1 = Cory Doctorow
So What About Love? = Stephen King
Hum Deyli Lai = Kurt Vonnegut
Barcelona = James Joyce
God is Still Big = Dan Brown
Jaded = James Joyce
NextCat: The Prequel = Mark Twain
NextCat: ThisCat = David Foster Wallace
From MInd to Matter = H.P. Lovecraft
A Brief Trip Through Time = Jonathan Swift
World Wide Wail = David Foster Wallace
1st Vacation for the Travelin’ Cat = David Foster Wallace
Of Memories and Manners = Margaret Atwood
A Silver Spark = James Joyce
Getting to Easter = Kurt Vonnegut
Flatland = David Foster Wallace
Incandescent = H.P. Lovecraft
Teenage Kitten = David Foster Wallace
HomeLeave 2010 part 1 = Cory Doctorow

David Foster Wallace: 6
Chuck Palahniuk: 4
Cory Doctorow: 4
James Joyce: 3
H.P. Lovecraft: 3 (now that’s a little disturbing)
William Gibson: 2
Kurt Vonnegut: 2
Vladimir Nabokov: 1
Stephen King: 1
Dan Brown: 1
Mark Twain: 1
Jonathan Swift: 1
Margaret Atwood: 1

There, go play with it for yourself and find out who you write like.

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