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New Rainbow Room

September 9, 2010

Welcome to the Rainbow Room!  To back up a bit, this is not the original Rainbow Room.  Our Rainbow Room (at left), Little Peg’s and mine, was Swarovski, her collection of crystal figurines.  Each little creature had its place in the table-top glass cabinet, in front of the east facing picture window.  When the morning sun shone through that window and through that cabinet and through those little animals, the light split and splashed a hundred tiny rainbow swatches all around the room, up the walls, across the ceiling, down the mantle, over the floor.  It was more beautiful than any painting because each one glowed with pure prismatic light, tracking slowly around the room as the sun rose, eventually to pass above the roof line and out of sight.  Knowing Rainbow Room was a fleeting place, when one of us would notice the quiet show, she would call the other to share in the transient splendor.

The man has seen the original Rainbow Room.  He knows what those times mean to me, how the memory lifts my spirit even as it puts a tear in my eye.  He, in his marvelous tech- geekery, has made a new Rainbow Room, updated and upgraded and downsized to fit our modest flat.  Instead of a case of darling yet fragile  figurines, a single crystal hangs in the window.  Attached to it are a series of sprockets, a copper coil, and a small dark panel.  Rainbow Room has been mechanized and electronified!  The solar cell catches sunbeams and uses them to spin the crystal, spraying all of its rainbow slivers around the room, running and chasing and flying.  This new show has a liveliness which serves me well of a morning.  Sitting with coffee and Bible, ready to commune with my God, this plain room with dull plaster walls and unfortunate furniture is elevated, for that time, into being a sanctuary.  It’s not stained glass, but it works for me.

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