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Creativity Build-up

October 2, 2010

For almost two weeks, we’ve been on the road ~ Bozen (brewery, spa), Munich (Wiesn/Oktoberfest), Bad Kreuznach (taking the waters, famous for healthful radon. really? for another post), Hasselt/Bilzen (underwater hockey).  We still have a night in Zurich for dinner with friends, then a surprise hitch-hiking relative to collect in Turin on the way home.  The following day brings old friends from New Zealand, who will orbit through a few times over two weeks.  Next weekend in Paris (yay!) will bring me home just in time to see our Bavarian friends who are finally accepting a bit of return hospitality.  Soon after that, we welcome two of our first friends here who have gone back to their real lives.  Whew!!! Good times overload 🙂  Then it’s my birthday, to celebrate which I will . . . stay home!  It’s a great thing to travel, see new places and meet friends, but I’m going to need some time to process all this groovy stuff.

The Creativity Class is going great.  I’m full of ideas and motivation and observations and very few supplies to work with on the road.  I am so keen to throw myself into the assignments that are building up.  And to integrate the ideas into my everydays!  It’s so much fun thinking about things, art, life from new perspectives, from inside out, from “who cares” and “why not?”

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  1. October 14, 2010 21:52

    Speaking of “who cares,” our friends in Paris are 1st time parents of a 6 month old baby and have a pediatrician who understands. They call him with poop reports, unusual soundings, mysterious changes. He generally replies (with groovy French accent), “I don’t care.” It puts them at ease, meaning it’s nothing to worry about. That’s my new mantra for getting along here: Ay don caerh. . .

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