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Christmas After All

December 26, 2010

The Christmas we had ~ was good.  It was not Martha Stewart; it was not Currier & Ives; it wasn’t even entirely 1st World.  But as I’ve been reminded, neither was the original.  The stable didn’t have indoor plumbing.  The Light of the World was not born into a soaring cathedral, under stained glass.  Nor was his mother tended to by doctors and nurses and machines that go “ping.”  The Son of God began his earthly life as he would spend it, in the midst of humanity with its dust, suffering, and need.  He meets us where we are.  No one, from the shepherds to you and I, has ever had to seek him on his level.  No one is worthy to approach that throne alone.  So, he invites us to accept what he came to offer, reconciliation with God.  This is Christmas.  Anything more is blessing upon blessing, which of course, we had.

The wonderful Christmas Eve we’d planned to host, with Little Peg’s Seafood Chowder, aglow in candle light, and sweets aplenty, was sent all pear-shaped when a water main broke and despite the deluging rain outside, we were suddenly without water.  Not hospitable.  But friends come through and instead of just showing up and being hosted, one couple cheerfully invited the whole affair, plus showers, to happen at their house.  They even added a Christmas tree and most excellent fire place, neither of which we have ourselves.  Such a festive evening we had, a few souls were missed for being unable to arrive, but those who were there enjoyed good company and much warmth of spirit.

Then on Christmas Day, even as dishes were piling up in our sink, we were able to bring potatoes ~Craig’s fantabulous Garlic Sage Mashed and everybody’s favorite 😉 Yam & Apple Casserole with MiniMarshmallows~ to Christmas Dinner-hosting friends’ house (the enormous carboy of water we’d taken away on Christmas Eve allowed for boiling ‘taters and a few other essential tasks).  This home has a small child, so new toys were tried with glee and Grandparents were Skyped to have their Merry Christmases and Thank Yous.  It was nice to share the day with family, even if it wasn’t my own.  It was also fun to share our super traditional holiday, its decorations and foods, with an Indian friend who mostly celebrates a very different set of holidays.  So there was a golden turkey, my favorite kind of moist and chewy stuffing, gravy, vegetable medley, the 2 potatoes, awesome jello salad, the 2 shapes of can-berry dressing, and apple cranberry streusel pie!  Stuffed and happily full of Christmas cheer,  we waddled to the car, with a refilled carboy, and marveled at just how much worse than usual the local drivers had become.  Perhaps we’ll just stay over on New Year’s Eve.

And of all the Christmas miracles to be imagined, water flowing from the pipes on our return was one of the least likely, and yet it was so!  A very merry Christmas indeed.

Deep and heartfelt thanks to those who gave us showers and water and offers to stay and a place to host our dinner and good times despite anything else.  Happy New Year to all.

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