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Daily Practice

January 15, 2011

Art every day, it does a person good!  My Word of the Year for 2010 was Focus;  I set and kept for myself blog deadlines, took K Barteski’s on-line class Nurture Your Creativity and Be Bulletproof (which was so awesome that I’ve signed up for Part 2 coming in March), and remembered why doing yoga consistently is goood.  One thing at a time and now I’m feeling confident in commitment.   Which brings me back to Art Every Day.  The 365 Skulls project passed through my daily content at some point last year and percolated.  The skulls are fun and run from realistic sketches to an inspired arrangement of Christmas cards.  It didn’t take long to realize the only “object” I know well enough to do a new one every day would be the cat.  “Natch,” you say.  Yeah yeah.

The daily cats will go into my Flickr feed and also appear in the sidebar here (yet may not get scanned/downloaded/uploaded every day, but possibly in batches as time permits). It is very much a continuation of my intentional bulletproofness.  Making a new art every day, on deadline, means they won’t all be masterpieces or even good necessarily.  But the act of making can be the beginning rather than the end of an idea.  Radical concept for me.  I hate redrafting, doing-over, “polishing” my work.  Now, if a piece has potential, I may have to let it go anyway, out there where viewers will judge, knowing it deserves and will eventually receive further attention and improvement.  Cat Per Day isn’t performance; it is practice, running scales, warming up, trying new things, doing the journey.  Welcome.

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