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Gone Again

March 14, 2011

So, why was I worried?  They strike as vigorously as they work.  My original plan could have turned out just fine.  But kind friends offered to drive me, also fed me dinner and provided a couch for the short night.  It was quite a good evening.  And there was no evidence that any work stoppage at the airport had transpired.  The official website may have had a dearth of Alitalia flights listed at all, so as to make a more bella figura, rather than show them as no-go.

But mine went this morning ~18 hours ago and counting~ and we had the most beautiful approach over Paris, right along the river over la Cité, past le Louvre, la Tour, and le Grande Palais.  Still, Je t’aime <sigh>  It’s so hard to pass through without staying for even a night.  La Tour sparkles just for me… or at least more brightly when I’m watching.

My own Chat Noire is safely ensconced with her very best friend, the super cool Gattuso.  I know his peeps Détente for sharing Cat TVtake good care of them both, so it is a load off my mind to have her there while we’re away.  She was getting bored at home after the Fabulous Berry Boys (Pinky & the Sneetch aka Romulus & Remus) spent a whole week and then went away.  They arrived, SpeckleBelly Sneetch ready to play and his brother jealous and grumpy.  I had hoped Pinky would put the Empress in her place.  I have never known such a big cat to reside in such a small body.  But she’s pushing for alpha all the time.  She marches up and shouts me right in the eye.  I don’t abide that and she gets scruffed, stared down, and kissed on the nose.  But she keeps trying it.  The FBB ~not to be confused with Gattuso, her BFF~ are both twice as big as she is.  So, Pinky was talking trash and not having any of her lip, smacking her on the head… for about a day and half.  The next thing I knew, he was rolling over, belly up, making the obsequious squeaking noises Sneetch had been making all along.  So much for taking her down a peg.

My last hope hung on Willow, who along with her sweet sister Penny, was booked into Spa Drozda for last week.  She is not susceptible to Kiwi’s manipulative wiles.  She has as much patience for her foolishness as I have for human children.  But alas!  The road to Chez Penny & Willow was overwashed by landslide at Christmas and traversing it remains a dodgy proposition.  Their lovely parents decided to take them along on holiday, as they had such a marvelous White Week this year (Ski-in/Ski-out chalet makes for fantastic cat TV), and thus removed the stress from everyone ~okay, mostly me~ of transporting them at particular times.  So, Dragon Empress Kiwi Pu will terrorize poor Tuso and I can only hope he gets tired and sits on her.

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