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April 7, 2011

pation!  Oh no you don’t.  You’ll not catch me.  I know your wily ways, bring out the sun, hide away the rain, put on your best daffodils.  Sure, it’s gorgeous now, but it’s not spring yet.  There has to be one more shock of, “Ha! Gotcha.  Where’d you put that sweater and raincoat?”  There always is, but that’s okay.  It’s only April.  And Easter is still more than two weeks away.  But the Fever is setting in just a little bit.

Our casual Girls’ Potluck this month brought more salads than desserts, a rarity.  We’re thinking about summer clothes, summer figures, but also just the foods of the season.  Strawberries were busheling up all over Florida and the arancia rossa ~blood orange~ has snuck into the produce stands here.  Seriously, the skins hardly change, but over the weeks the flesh of certain orange oranges gradually becomes redder and redder until right now when they are nearly purple.  And so delicious.

arancia rossa

Im no photographer & ate nearly all of it before I thought to take a picture, which is unretouched.

Even this blog is beginning to feel out of season, so dark and gray.  But WordPress has a bazillion ready-to-go themes, so I started browsing.  But wait!  A very necessary feature has disappeared.  Until recently, one could try on all of the themes with one’s own blog to see how everything fits and what bits aren’t supported.  But that Demo has gone away and been replaced with See it in Action, which is really more the other thing, the same static display of the generic model.  So I was getting all peevish, searching the message boards for some discussion of this change.  Nothing.  Bother.  Hmmm.  To self, “You don’t need to change its appearance right now.  You know it isn’t even really spring yet.  Put your time to better use.”  Right, the weather is teasing and I’m resolved to wait it out before I do anything drastic like put away winter clothes.  This modification of  features at WordPress is such a step away from user-friendly that I’m sure they’ll be persuaded to fix it… if I just wait.

There are untouched art supplies waiting to make exciting some plain white tops for spring and summer.  There are other “real world,” mess-making projects waiting for my attention as well.  I will put this wintry, yet groovy and quite serviceable, theme out of my mind for now.  Perhaps, when it is truly spring, Demo will have returned and brought fresh designs with it.

Now, to think about colors and shapes and light.

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  1. April 18, 2011 12:24

    Curious. Turns out that it depends on which link I’m coming from into Theme Showcase whether I get nifty Demo or useless See It in Action. I hope it continues this way, since I’ve figured it out now.

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