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So ~ Much ~ Fun (part 1)

July 15, 2011

Summer is flowing in all its busy, carefree, social, hot glory!  There is music in the air, guests on the horizon, and sunshine on the water.  Salads, melon, gelato, oh my!

Sir Elton JohnLast night we went to Lucca, a gorgeous little medieval walled town in Tuscany, to see Elton John & his Band.  One might have snickered at the 60-somethings, hair still long but thinning and a bit scraggly, touring with a rock & roll show.  But what a show!  After 40 years at a job, some folks are ready to retire.  Not Sir Elton.  He was having a ball.  The band was laughing, mugging for the cameras, playing those songs they hear in their sleep as though they were long-held mutual friends, not shop-worn old tasks to be gotten through.  The man at the piano was shooting boyish grins at the audience and his band mates.  And after every song that old pro addressed the audience with thanks or a bow.  What a showman.  Kids these days, with their dark ennui and self-referential angst, could take a page from this score. And a few sequins.

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