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So ~ Much ~ Fun (part 2)

July 15, 2011

Accentuate the Positive

Our friends from Paris, having an Italian holiday, arrive for their time with us tomorrow!   This is fine news because we enjoy their company and take ourselves to Paris ~and their hospitality~ much more often than they give us opportunity to repay them here.  Our pleasure at their arrival may be equalled only by their relief at departure from the villa they’d booked for another week yet.  I won’t even mention how they’ve been embroiled in a touristic nightmare, involving misrepresented amenities, attack wasps, and the police.  This is not the first time we have opened our home as a Tourist Asylum.  These friends have not been drugged, beaten, and robbed.  But that was years ago in Naples.

Now, quite possibly the only baby in the world ever to have liked me is coming to visit!  I suppose he has wised up, being over a year old now, and growing into quite the little man.  His name is Joseph Emile.  For now he is called JoJo and probably will be until he is old enough to say for himself, “Just stop eet.”  I think it suits him.

I’ve even been inspired to do some art for him… and his parents I suppose, whose names also each begin with ‘J.’  If you look closely, you will see the custom background.  Also, by way of explanation for the main graphic, JoJo’s mother collects the word for butterfly.  She knows at least forty.  What a fantastic thing to collect.  I don’t have more than a dozen ways to say, “Good night, cats,”  but I’m working on it.

Frankly, I’m just so tickled with how this has come out.  I finished the design without enough time to have it printed up poster size at CafePress and mailed.  I had to take a flyer and see what local options are available. Stampa Digitale Kodak sounded promising, and they have very large pictures of excruciatingly precious children in the window.  Given the way things go here, a week and half sounded just about right to have it finished in time.  Imagine my shock when the man said 25 minutes, and it was done in 20.  Also only negligibly more expensive than my usual go-to.  And beautiful!  Happy happy happy.


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