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Sushi & Sumi Brushes

September 4, 2011

Or Something Fun to Do, version 2 ~ Yesterday turned out to have a bit of an Asian gestalt.  The day was crowned with a feast at Ji Hao, the new ‘Wok & Sushi’ buffet in La Spezia.  For those unaware of the gastronomical desert in which we live, even if you love the beach, who wants nothing but sand… everywhere… all the time?  So, while Ji Hao wouldn’t last a month in San Francisco, it is a shining oasis of bao, siumai, stir fry, sushi, sashimi, lychee, and green tea ice cream here.  Yum!

But before the hashi and wasabi, the day began with the arrival of some tools for a workshop I’m doing next week.  In the past, the thought of on-line classes put to mind ‘correspondence courses’ such as How to Win Friends and Influence People or Draw Teddy and Become an Artist.  A bit pathetic, really.  Like Radar O’Reilly in M*A*S*H and the ‘Triple-A High School Diploma Company of Delevan, Indiana.’ {season 1 episode 18 Dear Dad, Again} But that was before the brave new world of Interweb 2.0.  It is perfectly normal to become friends with people one has never met and downright foolish not to take advantage of resources just because they are hours, time zones, continents away.  In a previous post, I was longing to nip over to the shopping center ~you know the one, with Old Navy and Starbuck’s and JoAnn’s and Books-a-Million and Michael’s~ and take an artsy class of an evening or a weekend.  It has slowly dawned on me that the various on-line not-for-credit just-for-fun courses offered by enterprising bloggers are the modern analog for the geographically isolated.

With a little forethought, I can have a fancy ~if homemade~ coffee drink, spread out the art tools in the designated work space, watch the video, and interact with others doing the same thing.  In previous forays into this milieu, I have found encouraging, brave, supportive, and wildly creative individuals.  Bolstered by these experiences, I prepare to sit for instruction in Sumi Brush Scripting.  Having never mastered lovely penmanship, despising my own in fact, my innate reaction to this workshop was to give it a miss.  Why ask for frustration and failure?  But what if… what if?  What if this is my opportunity to change all that?  What if this instruction does teach me how to make beautiful art from words without the restrictions of digital fonts and printers?  It could be fabulous.

My fresh supplies! September and back to school . . .

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