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For Want of a Shower, the Kingdom was Lost

October 12, 2011

It all began when there was no more denying that something was increasingly wrong with our plumbing.  This apartment has never been able to support the shower and any other draw at the same time, but as of last spring, it couldn’t even cough up a decent shower.  Water could fall out of a pipe with more conviction than this shower.  The kitchen sink, too, had lost its vigor for rinsing dishes.  As all rental business goes through the real estate agent, leaving our relationship with the landlord purely social, I went to Flavio with my desire to once again have a shower which didn’t leave me colder than before I started.

Seriously, it has become a psychological battle for me to take a shower.  There are few experiences in this world which demoralize me as being cold and wet does.  No, now is not the time to discuss my choice in sport.  We’re talking about water pressure.

So, after inspection by the plumber, our pipes have been diagnosed as over-calcified, accreted.  Perfectly believable if one has ever seen the inside of my kettle.  In fact, the cat’s water dish gets palpably encrustulated if allowed to sit for more than two days.  However, there is no simple Roto-Rooter / angioplasty / pipe cleaner solution.  All the pipes must be replaced.  And since they are encased in concrete within the walls, it will require the delicate application of jackhammers ~yes, they finished taking the hillside away with enormous industrial jackhammers to make a garage, then removing the facing of our building with slightly smaller jackhammers to repair the poorly constructed rebar, now only to come into our home with more jackhammers to tear apart the walls.  And the doctor asks if my headaches have gotten worse since being here.  Now, as long as the walls are being smashed to dust, might as well remodel both bathrooms while the one is in disarray.  From my wish for a decent hot shower, I get a house full of workmen, dust, and noise for what will undoubtedly be weeks months.  At least we’ll get a new, on-demand, gas water heater to replace the inefficient, calcarious, electric one which is reduced to heating about 2 cups at a time.  Stay tuned . . .

Doing the small bath 1st, Kiwi's apartment, much to her discomfiture


All the way back


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  1. Kathy Holman permalink
    October 12, 2011 16:00

    That was a lot of progress for one day. The question is which tomorrow will they be back.

    • October 12, 2011 18:08

      Phenomenal progress! It was only the 2nd tomorrow which saw their return, too. I suspect they are going to make holes in walls all over the house, leaving no place safe for Kiwi, cut the water, then not return for weeks. Thanks for reading!

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