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October 14, 2011

They said the work was going to be finished ~except the floor; nothing is ever really finished~ today.  The tub, sink, tile, all the messy stuff.  Which has to mean I don’t get the sink/cabinet combo I asked for because certainly no one has gone to IKEA since Monday.  But whatever, this much passes for miraculous here.

First thing this morning I was greeted by what the plumber politely calls a bathtub.  Let me just take this opportunity to say that from the very beginning, I have required and been promised a deep tub to replace the deep tub being taken out.  It must be deep because there is no room for it to be long.  I tell myself it’s like the trendy Japanese soaking tubs.  Sure, I have to sit with my knees tucked up under my chin, but the water goes to my shoulders.  Oddly, one end is shallower than the other, like a bench, sort of up to average tub depth.  The mockery of a bathtub which arrived today is really more of a sink.  Most objectionably, it is not deep.  Being the same curiously bi-level design, the “deep” end is no deeper than an average tub and the other isn’t even Baby Pool.  The hardware will project over the less-shallow section rendering it even less useful.

Non-Existent Short Deep Tub

The plumber swears this is the only option available.  Horse feathers.  Check out this beauty.  It’s an English company, on the right side of the Pond.  A Q&A on Apartment Therapy has someone looking for a short tub, but they’re all in Europe.

 I have a bidet for washing my feet, we don’t have a dog, and the cat is self-cleaning.  There can be no other purpose for this ridiculous apparatus.  There is a meeting with the landlords this afternoon.

This is a bathtub?  for humans?

This is a bathtub? for humans?

You must be kidding

You must be kidding.

5 gallon bucket for scale: 10 gallon bath?

5 gallon bucket for scale: 10 gallon bath? Tell me this is the bidet.


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  1. Heidi Klauser permalink
    October 17, 2011 09:34

    I think that might be similar to what we here in the US call a shower pan. A bathtub it most certainly is not. I hope they manage to find you something a little taller. Size DOES matter. Hang in there.


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