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Oh my eyes. . .

October 19, 2011

2 hours of conversation later, the ridiculous tublet has returned whence it came.  That area will now be occupied by the washing machine which has been taking up more than its fair share of space in the kitchen where we have pots and pans piled three deep for lack of storage.  It had been destined for the large bathroom, but was evicted from that plan when I insisted that we do, indeed, need to have a bathtub in the house somewhere.  So, while it won’t be my faux-Japanese soaking tub, it will be of practicable dimensions for full-sized persons to bathe.  The new on-demand gas heater will be able to fill a standard tub, unlike the Little Heater that Couldn’t thus sending me into the squat old tub for a hot bubble bath.  We lose the bella doccia of an actual shower stall, leaving us with tub and shower curtains again, but it could be worse.  And of course, Lewis Brewing Consortium needs suitable facilities for equipment maintenance.

 This is plumbing in Italy:

New "Pipes"



This is our bedroom as the new garden hoses pipes are routed from heater to bathroom.

The wall too brittle to punch holes in  The home stretch ~ will they also patch the whole the soft pine headboard made in the wall?


Having discussed with the landlady basic color schemes ~No, I just can’t take any more yellow.  The kitchen is yellow; the guest room floor is yellow; the building is yellow.  A girl shouldn’t have do her makeup in a yellow room.~ we agreed the floors would be dark blue or green and the walls would be white.  So far the floor is marbled grey, which looks nice enough, and the walls are mottled sky blue… which makes me want to gouge out my eyes.  I can’t explain why.

Stunned Plumbing is stunned

Oh, I feel the same way

Fearing she chose these,  I sent an sms asking if she’d changed her mind as this doesn’t look how I’d understood it would be.  It seems to be partly my fault for refusing the yellow.  She believes the floor is blue and they were out of white for the walls.  How does a tile company run out of plain white?  I hate to be petty and we don’t own the place, but as long as they are having the work done, couldn’t it be tasteful if not fabulous?  I’d be thrilled with plain or even sterile.  I could work with that.  You might want to buy stock in Contact Paper.

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