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Just for Fun. Because I need it. Bad(ly).

November 2, 2011

There’s been a heavy funk weighing on my mojo, leaving me frumpy and no go.

So, while it wasn’t the much-lauded Gin Induced Fit of Cosmetology, it wasn’t getting-back-together with Miss Clairol either.  I needed something groovy, something fun, something extraordinary.

ManicPanicUltraVioletAntipodi: Melissa's shop in LericiI took my tub of Manic Panic (Ultra Violet) to Melissa, asking her to put in some bleached-to-white chunks so the color would show better.  She did a fabulous job, but her assistant didn’t wear gloves to rinse out the color.  Not sure what she was thinkin’, but again, it’s not permanent.  The final result was, frankly, gorgeous.  But the MP just doesn’t last very well.  Honestly, none of the fun colors do; they are all only semi-permanent.

As the purple began to fade, after about 4 weeks, the highlights went from violet to a pale lavender, bordering on silvery grey.  Hmm.  The research on available fun colors was not encouraging.  Anything with more staying power was also given to coloring anything and every it touches on the way: sink, shower, flesh.  Yet, none of them are permanent.  I scoured the forums, taking the suggestions and warnings to heart.  Also, knowing our bathroom was about to be demolished, tile walls smashed, and tub carted off, this would be the best time ever to test those warnings.  I ordered a bottle of Special FX Deep Purple, the longest lasting with the most energetic collateral staining.


SpecialFXDeepPurpleI was meticulously careful during application.  Continually wiping down my ears and neck ~sure sign of carelessness, stained ears~ and keeping the brush-work deliberate, movements restrained, then washing out the sink immediately along with the tools, I kept the preliminary damage to nearly nil.

Lacking an outdoor shower or scrub-tub with hand-held schnozzle, it had to be the shower / tub.  Again, wow.  If the color had been a deep red instead, it certainly would have looked like a gruesome murder scene.  Seriously, that ominous little trickle in Psycho was nothing compared to this.  Dexter would have been all over it. One suggestion was to rinse away from ~rather than over~ the face.  Dude, I tie-dyed my back… and legs… and feet.  Except without the tying part, it looked more a vicious drubbing.  But not my face!  The rinse water running down the front of my back left streaky veins for which the palest blue blood would faint.  But all that scrubbed off fairly easily, or didn’t show and I don’t care.

Seldom washing it (using an old towel, yes, every time), it’s still looking good after 3 weeks now.  Did I mention sleeping on an old pillow case, too?  Yes, it’s a little demanding after all.  But I have purple hair and it makes me happy!  And for all that, I like the MP Ultra Violet color better.  It’s the least stain-y of the bunch, even if it fades fast.  Maybe I’ll go back to it, to spare the new bathroom fixtures.  I don’t recall if it was the Amplified line or not.  That might be an improvement.  But there is still half of bottle of FX Deep Purple waiting.  Off to the professionals and their habituation to such things.

If you are feeling blah, old, dusty, or juiceless, I recommend you have a Manic Panic attack in your favorite color.  It does a spirit good!

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  1. November 3, 2011 11:44

    And a shout-out to my niece’s sister, Kylie DeMann in SLC, who did it for me 1st several years ago and planted the seed in my head. Thanks!

    • Lau permalink
      November 3, 2011 15:51

      It is great!! Just what a birthday girl needs! Do you think Target really means it when they say they support a diverse work force? A store manager with green hair could be the ultimate test, lol. xo

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