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Displacement Activity

December 4, 2011

Not only because I’m way past my self-imposed deadline for weekly blogging, but also need a little break from today’s tasks, here is one more update.  As the workmen seem to be finished with the wholesale filthification of the place (woo hoo!), it is well nigh time to start cleaning up after them.  Yes, yes, I’ve made their interminable construction and re-destruction my Sysiphusean excuse for doing zero housework for the last two months.  But now I’d like to put out some Christmas decorations, but cannot bring myself to take those pretty things and nest them lovingly into the dust duvet blanketing…  everything.  So, working top to bottom, nearly every surface needs to be scrubbed.  What we have is a case of Tenacious D-ust.  4 throw rugs have been beaten, soaked, and hung out to dry.  Next will be an initial brooming to spare me emptying the vacuum every five feet, also allowing the kitty a bit more nap time before the Infernal Machine comes to life and she is instinctually obligated to flee to the farthest corner beneath the biggest bed.

Now, this is not to say the job is complete.  There remains a big empty in Kiwi’s apartment where the washing machine belongs.  The kitchen spigot still leaks all over, but I suppose if they delay long enough it will just calcify over and stop.  Perhaps that is their plan for the dripping radiators as well.  The bathroom sink drain looks exactly like the IKEA instructions with an X over, as in Not Like This.  The electrical work, I fear, is as finished as it’s going to be:

Water heater, on balcony •outside•, waiting for blowing rain & freezing temps (note plug •&• adaptor, bare pipes)

But we have made (and bought) a few scores in the process:

•2 outlets have 2 plugs each  (count ’em 2!) plus the light switch.  Crazy, but he did it anyway.

Multi-plug! awaiting switch plate, of course + tile I was allowed to help choose

•We have the shower & tub hardware all at 1 end, leaving the other unobstructed for blissful bathing.

•The water is now heated by an endless, on-demand, gas fired contraption caldaia (see illus. above).

•The cabinets we bought, I built, and they hung are a joy to behold.

Cabinets, Sink, Mirror, & Lamp: our acquisitions. I love IKEA.

•I got the guy to put up an extra shelf and mirror at the end, as he had the hammer drill.

Shelf for iPods etc placed conveniently to outlet & safely away from bathtub

Now, back to making the rest of the flat habitable.

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  1. Lisa O. permalink
    December 5, 2011 11:52

    Nothing like a remodel to trigger a cleaning spree. The new bathroom looks great!

    • December 5, 2011 13:31

      Thanks! And ~Surprise!~ the landlord, workmen, & rental agent are all coming over at 5 for the “final looking over.” How many appointments in a “Final”?

  2. December 5, 2011 18:49

    Oh, shoot me now. The vacuum cleaner isn’t feeling well. And after a looong meeting, which was to be the “Final Walk Through,” the washing machine has moved but cannot be plugged in w/o an adaptor because ‘the plug is German,” the kitchen sink has a new spigot, but nothing else was accomplished and more work has been decided about which I couldn’t care less, and word has it the back of the building will soon be resurfaced. Going into our 5th year and nary a day without someone somewhere making filth and grime to blow through the house.

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