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Razzle Dazzle ’em, indeed

March 19, 2012

I’m sad and angry and frustrated and I’d like to tell you why.  But it won’t help me to dwell on what I know but cannot change and others have already written most of the words.  Just click on the underlined links.

So, I couldn’t find a treat in the grocery that didn’t clog the veins with partially-hydrogenated trans-fats or weird me out with that franken-sugar HFCS, or ~most recently on my radar~ destroy the natural world by mono-cultural plantation:

Why Palm Oil is a Disaster (start checking ingredient lists ~ it’s everywhere)

From those who care about what we’re losing, not what they’re gaining

A documentary:   In case the imbedded trailer doesn’t play well on your machine, it’s also on youtube.

Then a little bit of current (?!) events made me so angry at my own countrymen as to be left wondering what cave / time warp / psych ward whence they’re crawling:

Okay, who set their clocks back 2 centuries last weekend?

And even closer to home, greedy big oil has found a reason to rape my native state, leaving earthquakes, poison, and death in its wake.  Read past the joyful extraction of oil down to the bit where it bursts forth full of poisons which are then dumped into Ohio’s drinking water… and farmland… and cattle… and crops…. and you:

You have no frackin’ idea

Even with as much influence and power to protect themselves as these companies have, they hide behind “proprietary formula” and “trade secret” rather than disclose exactly what is in their toxic flood.  This video shows quite plainly what they and every politician responsible for the citizens’ wellbeing are up to.  See, after all this, I can still smile.

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