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Springtime in Paris!

April 9, 2012

It is always so exciting and soul-nourishing to spend time in this, my city of light.  I “like” Paris on FaceBook, just to feel close to her, see what she’s getting up to.  Last week it mentioned a new Tim Burton exposition at the Cinémathèque Française.  I waded through the websites, deciphered the French ~mostly~ and acquired tickets.  It seemed a bit draconian; select the hour of entrance, print the ticket cleanly on white A4, bring ID, and don’t be late.  But when we arrived and saw the line for people who had not sussed out this option, I felt just a little bit smug.  It was lengthy and the day was chill and dampening, but we went to the other door and were admitted at the foreordained hour.

The exposition was well worth the effort.  Frame after frame, wall after wall, Burton’s sketches, videos, and musings filled room after room.  The breadth of his work was surprising, beyond the fantastic films he has directed, which I enjoy immensely.  And while much of his doodling is not to my taste, he was quoted saying how he’s always loved to draw, but sometime realized that his figures did not accurately portray the human form.  Yet, drawing made him happy, so he wasn’t going to care what people thought of it.  He found, in that moment of decision, a wonderful freedom.  Yes.

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