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Beyond the End of the Interwebs

April 14, 2012

We were here.  Surrounded by the Celtic Sea and distant descendants of those Celts, still speaking Breton when they can get away with it ~more closely related to Welsh and Cornish, the French have frowned most strenuously against it~ we enjoyed the cliffs and beaches and bracing air, and more than a taste of camembert.  The wifi router at our lovely auberge didn’t care to speak to my electronics, leaving me <gasp> disconnected.  But fear not, I was not without amusement!

Clarion, the welcoming house dog of Auberge Keringar, was more than willing to fill my free time with Throw the Ball, Throw the Ball, Throw the Ball, OH! THROW THE BALL.  In fact, we had met before breakfast with a full body, nose to tail, wag wag wag, how do you do? And when I made the international friendly sounds, she was up on her hind legs ready to knock me over with enthusiastic welcome.  She’s a good girl.  And the weather was beautiful.  And I couldn’t get on line.  She’s also a bright dog and I wonder if she didn’t have anything to do with my unlikely separation from the outside world.  Might just be her schtick; find the biggest sucker of the day’s guests, bring out the favorite toy ~a most excellent toy in fact, it’s a ball with a handle for throwing and tug-of-war and wiggly bouncing but not rolling too far~ then give said sucker the look.  Well, there goes an hour… or two.  And what pure joy it is to make a fellow creature so happy.

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  1. Eleanore Gigandet permalink
    April 14, 2012 17:43

    Wonderful Springtime Story – pure joy is right!!!

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