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Information, Perspiration, Inspiration: It’s All Here

August 6, 2012

It’s hot, chillen!  Or as they say in Hell, It’s not the heat, it’s the humility.  Oh, wait, here it’s definitely the humidity.

It’s August at the beach;  the man is installing yet another window screen, hoping to foil the voracious tiger mosquitos (yes, you can see their stripes) ~yay! another channel of CatTV;  Cat Camp is in its second session with daily episodes of Extended Snoozing & Flopping, and nightly rounds of Chase & Pounce; 

Gattuso & Kiwi

and our favorite barista, Gabriele, told me how the ferocious August sun is called il Sole Leone, the Lion Sun.  I was inspired!  After my series GreyGreenMan, combining my little old man cat Wordsworth with the European motif of the Green Man, I had been thinking about working on a FireCat.

Then this is it, and now is the time ~perfect for sprawling on the coolish marble floor with big drawings.  During first session of Cat Camp this summer (especially for youngsters, rather than the Slimming Program running now), camper Nuvole assisted during Arts & Crafts time, becoming a part of the art photo Lions of the Kalahari.

Welcome Soleone!


(oil pastels on packing paper)

 And another variation on the theme:

(coloured pencil on sketch paper)

And coming soon, acrylic paint on real artist’s stretched canvas!  It takes a great inspiration for me to feel worthy of proper art materials.  But I’m getting more confident.  Upgrading from a children’s craft brand to Prismacolor was such a rush, the difference between chalk and cheese, that I’m more willing to use the good stuff, even if, in the end, it might just be “wasted.”  Soleone 2 turned out pretty nice after all.

Author Neil Gaiman gave a commencement speech at the University of the Arts this year in which he summed up his advice for all situations, Make good art.  There is a verb: you must do something.  There is an adjective: make it good.  He even substituted other vocations for “art.”  It still works.  Now go listen to him.  I hope you are at least half as inspired as I am by his simple exhortation.  Do your thing and make it good.

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