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September 12, 2012

This is my Staycation month, when the man goes to sea and I am without even my usual minimal responsibilities.  I have taken on a 2nd session of CatCamp 2012 for 3 kittens, which is more fun than. . . a barrel of kittens!  There would be more photo-documentation, but for that it’s all blurry.  There are plenty of ~repetitive~ Sleeping Kitten pictures; it’s the only time they stop moving.

My usual occupation for the Staycation is making messes eventually to be deemed Art, sleeping at disreputable hours, and living on a pot of brown rice for 3 days. 

Some time ago, I took an on-line course of Brush Scripting.  I ordered some brushes available at the shop which the instructor had recommended.  They are lousy, but I didn’t know it then.  I assumed it was me.  As usual.  What a stupid idea, since I’ve always hated my handwriting anyway.  But I thought instruction might be the very thing to improve it, remove that self-incrimination.  But I couldn’t get my lines to flow from thick to thin and back again.  My scripting looked just as lame as it always had. But then I was in an art supply store in Paris ~where else?~ and saw a similar, yet somehow more beautiful brush and bought it on a whim.  If form follows function, then the beauty of its exquisite tapering ~so unlike those other blunt and ungainly tools, I realized~ is the remedy to my dull, monodimensional lettering!

Be Here Now

This phrase has been a bit of a mantra to me, words to live by, for some time.  It first took me as a warning to slow down, take a breath, don’t miss what is going on right now for worrying about times and places where we are not.  Then it struck a chord with an earlier admonition, which had been impressed upon me as a callow student, Get it while you can.  Good stuff comes your way, but sometimes only once.  If you don’t grab it, bite it, take it in, you might never have another chance for that particular joy.

So, this week, with my newly beloved brush and gouache, I wrote it.  Then I mounted it against a background . . . and it changed again.  It’s not my story today, but it will be someday, and is certainly someone’s right now:  even in the midst of the storm, be engaged with your own life.  Don’t hide from the rough stuff, but take life part & parcel, or you will miss out on the growth it brings and even what joys may be found in the storm.

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  1. Kathy Holman permalink
    September 12, 2012 23:31

    As usual, very well written.

  2. Lisa O. permalink
    September 13, 2012 12:34

    Love your blog post, as always, but personally I find the image disturbing (although the strokes are lovely!) Must be my lightning phobia…something about being born in Wichita where entire little league teams get struck down dead with a single bolt. With this particular background image, I can only say “Don’t be here now!” 😉

  3. September 13, 2012 13:46

    Love the saying, the color of the sky and the bold lightning! Very nice brush scripting!

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