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A PSA from the Black Cat Fan Club

October 25, 2012

Halloween!  Candy & costumes & parties & ghouls & frights & . . . yeah, let’s have a little public service announcement about frights.  I don’t mean the things which frightens us ~that’s what this night is all about, after all~ but rather the true horrors awaiting unlucky black cats at the hands of real, live, human monsters.  It’s true.  There are people who take Halloween ~yes, in the 21st Century~ as a time to inflict suffering and torture on these beautiful creatures.  If you have the privilege of sharing your life with a black cat, keep her especially safe right now.  If you know any, spread the warning and good advice to their staff caregivers.

More explicable dangers to any pets also exist.  One, in a word, is chocolateIt can kill.  Just because you had a dog once that lived on stolen Kisses doesn’t mean it won’t be toxic to the one you love now.  Then there are costumes.  They look so cute!  But first, if your pet isn’t happy with it, take it off.  Even if the little ham loves it and mugs for the camera, be very aware of strings and rubber bands which can choke, cut off circulation, or be ingested for a later emergency.  Also be certain your pet’s vision isn’t impaired and never leave him alone in costume.  All that being said, if you have one of these vain and/or fun-loving creatures, feel free to send me pix and I’ll post them here. (DrozdaDesign at gmail dot com)

If your pets are not all that pleased with the occasion of door bells & strangers & shouting & the laughter of children (that one drives me under the bed), give them a safe hideaway, far from the front door.  In fact, a closed room with food, water, toys, litter box (if your pet is as smart as a cat), and favorite blankie is an excellent way for our four-footed family members to celebrate Halloween night.

Now you can don your sexy nurse/pirate/co-ed/Betty Crocker costume, spike the Apple Bobbing tub, and tear into the kids’ trick-or-treats after they’ve slipped into their traditional hypoglycemic coma.

Happy Halloween! Be safe & protect black cats, too >^,,^<

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  1. CVL permalink
    October 25, 2012 13:39

    And watch for Black cats on black office chairs; durned critturs are hard to see, even when you know they’re there!

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