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End of Days?

December 19, 2012

Just in case, you know, the world ends on Friday, here is wishing you a Peaceful Solstice.  But then again, if it does, peace probably isn’t in the cards.  Unless it is.  Even among those who give any meaning at all to the end of the Mayan calendar, some say it is just “the finishing of a cycle of destructive materialism, Huracan the Jaguar of Darkness (the gestation).”  Given the shameful greed displayed at Walmarts and suchlike around the country on Black Friday, this sounds like just what we need.  Nice timing, those Mayans had.  It’s Solstice, too, the point in every year when light begins to overtake darkness, the days begin to grow longer as night loosens its grasp.

Whether the Mayans knew something cosmic and deep and paradigm-shifting or just ran out of space on the Oreo and figured they’d carve up a new one when they needed it, we love Significance.  We love the idea of change, if not always the change itself.  We live in the land of opportunity because we take it and make it and shake it until our treasure falls out.  So yeah, let’s call 12.21.12 (or 21.12.12, depending on where you are reading this) the end of dark destruction and the beginning of the other thing, let it be light and love and liberation.

This choice is always before us, every day, in every breath, but we have habits, cycles of destruction, ruts and worn-in patterns in our minds and in our hearts.  If not Apocalypse, the Mayans have given us a turning point.  Friday morning, let’s each of us drive a stake into the ground of our lives, marking it as the day we turned away from that darkness and destruction and chose the other thing.

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