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HomeLeave 2012 part III

December 27, 2012

Christmas dinner ~ homegrown butternut squash & red cabbage & potatoes, peas, and… lamb roast.  As the World’s Worst Vegetarian, if that lamb had been free range, mostly full grown and in the company of its mother, I might have had some.  Except that it still tastes like feet lamb.  There is not enough mint jelly on the planet to cause lamb to pass my lips.  Even the wonderfully mushroomy gravy was tainted with the taste of toes.

However, this marvelous USofA is the land of plenty and I had been previously overwhelmed with the variety of faux meat type products available.  Not that I would live on them if I could find them at home.  The closer to the land our food is, the better for us.  So yeah, we mostly eat seasonal veg & fruits.  But sometimes, especially when fresh mushrooms aren’t even readily available, something meaty but kind is mighty appealing.

CelebrationHello Field Roast!  I showed up at the family gathering with a stuffed turkeyless roast with gravy… inna box.  Cooked up, finished off with a dash of smoked paprika ~as per the instructions, seemed to be imperative~ it was good!  Even the relatives, taking a slice to be polite, seemed genuinely impressed.  Add to the general deliciousness the warm-fuzzies of sparing a life and leaving the air & water a little cleaner for not having supported a beast, and it just made me so happy that I had seconds.

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