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HomeLeave 2012 part VI: The End

January 14, 2013

8 weeks never went so fast.  Yet, here I am at CMH, checked in for the last 3 flights of 11.  It. Has. Been. Good.  And I’m not quite ready to leave the 1st world behind:

  • Just this morning, telling my BFF about how I made a book at blurb, how it was so fun and reasonable and came in the mail.  She said one can do the same on the CVS drugstore website, hardback even, and pick it up in an hour.
  • The old Out To Lunch Bunch was comparing their usage of Sirius radio, how they can tell it never to play song X again or make a station of only their favorites.
  • Favorite Nephew o’ Mine mocked me for not paying for Starbuck’s with my iPhone.
  • And then there are the nice wide roads with predictable drivers, sufficient but not excessive signage, and vast open parking lots.

Things change and advance so fast that once I go home, I don’t know what I’m missing because it didn’t exist when last I was here.  Ignorance is bliss, or so they say.  Until I come back and feel like I’ve been living in a cave.

IMG_2077But in a week and a half, the man, the cat, and I will drive to Austria for a week of skiing, snowboarding, and German-speaking efficiency.  And after that, I will embrace the challenge of creating good food with winter-seasonal produce.  I will be warm and comfortable in new clothes, despite ambient temperatures in our flat.  I will make good art.  We will live our life as it is, with sane working hours and vacation, a nice view with castle and lighthouse, and friends in the same boat who understand, It’s a nice place to visit, but. . .

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