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White Week 2013: Austrian Alps

January 30, 2013

I am 45 years old and decided to take up a new sport because I’m hyperkinetic and preternaturally coordinated afraid to throw myself down the mountain without my protective gear, which is lost in the mail.  Cross Country aka Nordic Skiing looks calm and safe, except for our friend who did manage to break a hip doing it, much like walking, which as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been doing unassisted for some time now.

The pimply-faced child working the rental counter asked my height & weight ~ack~ and blithely handed me the tiny little beginner skis*, showed me how to get into & out of the bindings, and sent me on my way.

Oh, what am I doing?!  Beginning always hurts.  Snowboarding still hurts and while I’m glad to have converted, I miss being at least good enough at skiing.  These new skis don’t even have edges and are barely attached to the boots;  how am I supposed to control where they’re going?  Oh well, it’s been snowing like Christmas all day, so the ground will be soft and puffy.

 [time passes…]Ramsau am Dachstein, Österreich

Ooo, I’m still standing!  And going forward.  And it’s winter wonderland beautiful here.  This is significantly more enjoyable than the slog into town was.  I’m having fantasies about living in Scandahoovian places where folk ski to the shops.  And return home to their saunas.

Which we did.  And the Infrared Cabin with Chromatherapeutic lighting.  That’s my favorite.  It looks a bit like a sauna inside, wood-framed walls, with infrared heating panels behind the framing.  Depending on the style, the light might have a row of colored filters to slide across it or, as this one does, fiber optics imbedded in the ceiling, slowly changing colors.  Groovy.  There is sometimes a chart explaining the emotional benefits of exposure to each color, so one may choose to be Inspired, Relaxed, Invigorated, et al.  And, of course, Full Spectrum White ~ which looks like the light of Heaven.  I cannot overstate how much I love these cubicles.  If it wouldn’t take more electricity than we’re allowed for the whole apartment ever (3 kw or just slightly less than 2 hairdryers), I would have one.  This type of thing is invented by people who live with very short days through long, cold winters.  [Photos coming soon… when the wellness center is empty and  I can take a camera in without looking like a pervert.] Done:

I'll try for video when our internets are more robust.

I’ll try for video of the grooviness when our internets are more robust.

White Week 2013 is off to a good start.

Kiwi & Schnee!

Black Cat : White Week

*Do you remember when we were cool and skis were long & straight, towering over our heads?

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  1. Laura permalink
    January 31, 2013 02:56

    I remember when those long skis were put to good use on ski club nights. Those were the days, lol.


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