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Something for the Poors

February 26, 2013

The weather here has been absolute tripe (hey, this is a G-rated blog; we don’t use crass language 😉 )~ hovering just around freezing, precipitating something which has resembled snow with alarming frequency but settles out into heavy, soaking, deep, icy water.  Which did seep through the roof and into the kitchen going “drip drip drip” one afternoon until it might could have driven one ’round the bend.  <twitch>  In other words, winter in Liguria.

But yesterday brought a reprieve, a bit of clear sky and sunshine.  Still cold, but better.  When I arrived at the gym, I noticed one of the local stray cats sitting outside the gym’s side door on a wall of the school yard, which seemed to be out for the day.  Ahh, peace.  He has a friend 2 doors down who puts kibble and water out for him, even leaves the door open, but I’ve never seen him pass under her roof.  Sitting in Loaf position, he looked so serene.  The night before had been as chill as any, so he might have been still warming his bones in the unexpected but most welcome sun.  Even as we finished our warming up calisthenics, the stripy tom commenced his ablutions.  A bathing cat is a cat at ease.  It made me happy to see him taking care of himself.  He isn’t young and a life on the street isn’t often a long one.  In the time it took us to do our crunches per gli addominali, (which was, in fact, forever) the sun had slid away from his wall, leaving him sitting up in the shade, surveying his options.  He hopped off and wandered down the walk.


After exercise class, I found him, sitting again in Loaf, soaking up the warmth of the sun.  There are lessons here I’m still sorting out.  This creature is almost the poorest of the poor.  Not quite the poorest, as he does have a friend with opposable thumbs.  Competition is rough and strays don’t pile up around here.  Yet there he was, having his simple needs met, clearly at peace with the world.  Do we miss what nourishes us most while we’re looking for “something better”?  When circumstances change, are we unwilling to jump off the wall in order to find happiness?  Just how much could be cured by a warm bath and good meditation?


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  1. March 1, 2016 19:36

    Here we are, 3 years later, and Captain BlackChin is still with us. I saw him walk into her apartment! His friend is quite elderly herself. I pray that they each will wake up every morning as long as the other still needs them.

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