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The Man Goes 2 Sea : Spring Break 4 Me!

March 20, 2013

On the Italian Riviera (ooh, aah).  Oh wait, I live here.  And it is most definitely not spring yet.  Cold rain remains the order of the day.  But a break nonetheless where my greater responsibilities can be shelved for ten days: housewifely stuff like cleaning and cooking proper meals and trying to dry laundry amidst the aforementioned cold rain.  A clothes dryer would suck up more electricity than we are allotted.  Who could possibly need more than 3kW all at the same time?

Now, what to do with my break?  Good art for certain!  I have a few ideas stewing in my noodle.  And French.  As frequently as we are blessed with time in Paris, and occasionally other bits of France, I’m tired of my limited traveler’s French taking me only so far as “I’d like 2 croissants, 5 canelés, a cheese stick, and 2 baguettes, please.”  Granted, that takes care of much, but having a Francophone friend living in our building is just too great an opportunity to let slip away.  I have acquired a sensible book, structured for people who learn best with the how and why of things explained along the way.  I will study.  Then just yesterday, in a blog I read, a Canadian who lived in Paris for 18 months was extolling the wonderfulness of a podcast called Coffee Break French.  Perfect, a little repeat-after-me for pronunciation.

EZFrenchThere is my 10 Day Intensive Home-study French course.  When the Francophone friend returns to town, I hope to surprise her with my progress.  And best of all?  One long weekend in April will find the man and me in Paris again, where I will be able to participate beyond the pastry and cheese selection.  We have awesome friends living the life there, so it’s not just Paris (how bratty does that sound?), but good friends with whom we enjoy hanging out and who are not planning to high-tail it back to North America in three to five years.  You cannot imagine how few and far between we find such.  J3, you rock!

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