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Brave New / Old World

April 16, 2013

3 dead.  Over 100 injured.  This is the news overwhelming the media.  It is tragic and confusing and life-altering.  It also highlights how fortunate and civilized and safe our society is that this should be such shocking news.  There are cities around the world where average people ~humans, like us, just trying to get by~ are killed by the dozen every day.  War, local politics, gang/tribal violence, and “social unrest” are constant sources of bloody death every day.  It is our great good fortune to have dropped onto the planet in places where this is not the case.  Unless you are reading this in one of those places.  In which case, God bless you & keep your head down.  But as the world becomes ever smaller and easier to traverse, even the geographically isolated U.S. is going to be touched more often, as Europe has been for decades.  Let’s not even begin to itemize the horrors in Africa and the Middle East.  There are evil, insane, misguided, and otherwise anti-social people in the world.  Fortunately, for us, as yet, they also seem to be remarkably inept.

I am not afraid of terrorist attack.  Today my concern is what further precautions our government may implement to protect the absolute safety of the American people, carried out by the lowest bidder, paying minimum wage.  TSA, I’m looking at you.  It’s not a safe world out there.  It’s going to get in.  Every ill-conceived scheme to keep it out only limits our own freedom ~ 100ml bottles in a 1L zip lock, for example~ leaving us running scared and 2 steps behind the latest threat.  I want the United States to remain the Land of the Free.  But that means it must also remain the Home of the Brave.

Don’t give in to the fear.  Live your life the way you want to live it.  Gather by the thousands in public spaces.  Take the Tube.  Worship the sun on touristy beaches.  Love greatly.  That’s it!  The black hats’ currency is fear.  Love drives out fear.*  And a life lived in love, regardless of its unpredictable length, will outshine one lived in fear, no matter how long.

*1 John 4:18

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