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The Owl & the Pussycat

May 15, 2013

Once upon a time, just three years ago, a black kitten called Fum and an owlet called Gebra met and became Best Friends Forever.  They played together every day, leaping & swooping & hopping & flying & running, but never hurting each other.  These two fierce predators, each able to tear the other to pieces, so obviously loved one another’s company that their humans wanted the world to know.  They wanted people to see the amazing and moving friendship between these “natural enemies,” for people to reconsider how we ~of one species~ might find ways to get along and understand one another, to be friends despite our differences.  So Fum&Gebra have a website with beautiful videos and a FaceBook page with over 22,000 followers.  The world can see.

Two weeks ago, incredible little Fum went over the Rainbow Bridge many years too soon.  He was stricken with FUS and the doctors could not save him.  My first thought was that if he had lived indoors, with his people, they would have known sooner and perhaps he needn’t have died.  But that was not who Fum was born to be.  He & Gebra would never have shared their amazing friendship.  His short life was full and every day he looked forward to the time he would spend with his most unlikely friend.

My heart breaks for that life cut short and for Gebra left without her best friend.  I wonder if she knew and understands that he has not abandoned her.



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