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My Word for 2014: Content

January 1, 2014

Which one did you see?

content 1 |kənˈtent|


in a state of peaceful happiness : he seemed more content, less bitter.

• satisfied with a certain level of achievement, good fortune, etc., and not wishing for more …


content 2 |ˈkänˌtent|


1 (usu. contents) the things that are held or included in something…

• information made available by a Web site or other electronic medium : online content providers.

Yes.  I’m going to be more mindful of what I put, and allow, into my life and work.  Then I’m going to be happy with it.

“Content driven” is everywhere, in relation to web sites, marketing, design, commerce.  There seem to be two schools of thought on where to begin any of these activities: content-driven vs. design-driven, what you are selling vs. how you are going to sell it.  Maybe it is the latest incarnation of Form vs. Function, which has always puzzled me.  It should not matter how beautiful it is if it doesn’t perform.  Seven years in Italy have only substantiated this conviction.  So, yes, it does my spirit good to see “content-driven” become a thing, as obvious as it is to me that one should be clear on what is to be done before beginning to do it.

“Content, driven” is more what I need to be, to shed the frustration about things over which I have no control and to put real energy into those which I do.  Check in here one year from now and see if I’m ready to declare Driven for 2015.

You, dear readers, deserve uplifting, enlightening, finely-crafted content here where you give me precious time out of your day.  Thank you for your support and encouragement.  I write because I must.  Nothing makes sense until I’ve sorted it into words.  So you get a smörgåsbord of my life.  That is not at all how the “blogging experts” say to do it.  But I’m not trying to make money or be popular.  Knowing my thoughts touch your mind or your heart is gravy.  Good, good gravy.  Yes, Amy, I remember you were going to claim “gravy” for your Word of the Year.  It makes the hard & dry good and the good even better.  I wish all of you all the gravy you need to be content with whatever 2014 puts on your plate.

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