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Japanese Stuff That Tickled Me

June 24, 2014

There isn’t much narrative to add here, enjoy.

1st, some plumbing: toilets with built in bum-wash and bidet, also offering heated seat and blow dry.  It was an adventure, as not all the icons were self-evident; temperature, pressure, angle, activity?!  Clean as a whistle.


This dog:

This Dog

Those ears! I. Just. Can’t.

You might think Starbucks would spring for a graduate-level translator, but then I wouldn’t have this charming thought presented with my matcha latte.


Not at Starbucks, it’s something for them to consider though, for the matching color scheme if nothing else.  Japanese sweets feature bean paste prominently.  That’s what happens when you’ve never invaded Mexico, a tragic lack of chocolate.

Green Dessert

Lotsa Matcha! & Mochi … & Bean Paste

On the subject of food, one word: pickle.  If it is vegetal matter, the Japanese will pickle it.  You might not be able to identify it, but it will be delicious.  Our new friend Fuyu put us on to the Pickle Buffet in Kyoto for lunch one day.  All you can.  Plus bean paste, yes, to put in wafer pillows for DIY sandwich cookies (far right).

Vermintino checks it out.

Vermintino checks it out.

And after lunch, comes dinner!  Stop at the vaguely casino-style machines at the front to put in your ¥, make your choices, and collect the little slips.  Then wait to be seated at your peep-show feed stall for one.  Hand over the slips and out slides your steaming bowl of oh my cats, that’s amazing made-to-order ramen.


Then, another day, in fact on more than one day and at more than one shrine, this guy and his mates stand guard to make sure you are of clean hands and a pure heart. No, wait, he’s just concerned about your hands.  He might eat your heart.

Speaking again of eating (you may notice a theme to our time in Japan), check out the gusto with which the young daughter of our friends tears into her whole fishes.  No picky eater she.  I love that!

Style points for leopard-ear head band

Style points for leopard-ear head band

And one more guy who enjoys a good nosh, my best love in Japan, Maki (or rather Macchi, named after the family’s recent decampment from Italy).



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  1. June 24, 2014 14:24

    Aaaaw. The dog and the cat are so adorable. The dog looks more like a mouse than dog.

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