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Born and raised in Ohio, I have lived in Florida, Colorado, California, and currently reside in Italy. At 40~something, the question of what I will be when I grow up has moved through if I grow up and into simply searching for what I am right now.  Here, I write about things which are important to me.  It will be of varying importance to you, my readers.  I am okay with that.  To be satisfied with who I am and what I accomplish inside of today is enough.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ~Matthew 6:34

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  1. Teeny Bikini
    Jan 22, 2013 @ 17:36:10

    Congrats. I traveled to Italy in my twenties. I have always intended to go back…. “Right now” seems like the best place to be. Good luck to you. Cheers.


  2. wanda graziani
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 10:23:11

    I loved your verse from Matthew. Also, thanks for reminding me of your blog. Even though my brain is a bit rusty, I enjoy your blog because it makes me think beyond my day to day issues. Affectionately, Wanda


  3. Professor VJ Duke
    Sep 30, 2013 @ 23:45:05

    So is it okay if the professor never grows up?


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